In the case of competition-legal, domain legal, copyright or similar problems we ask you to already contact us for the avoidance of unnecessary law cases and costs in the apron. The cost note lawyers warning without preceding establishment of contact with us in the sense of the damage reduction decrease as unfounded one rejects!

1. Author and characteristic right

The side owner is anxious to consider in all publications copyrights of the used diagrams, clay/tone documents, video sequences and texts of him provided diagrams, clay/tone documents, video sequences and texts to use or on license-free diagrams, clay/tone documents, to fall back video sequences and texts. All within the InterNet offer specified and if necessary by third protected mark and registered trade marks are subject without reservation to the regulations of the valid in each case characteristic right and the possession rights of the respective registered owners. However due to the bare denomination the conclusion is not to be drawn that brand names are not protected by rights third! The copyright for published, of the side owner provided objects remains alone with the author of the sides. A duplication or a use of such diagrams, clay/tone documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without express agreement of the side owner.

2. Data security

If within the InterNet offer the possibility for the input of personal or business data (E-Mail addresses, name, addresses) exists, then giving up these data takes place on the part of the user on expressly freiwilliger basis. The recourse to and payment of all offered services are permitted - so far technically possible and reasonable - also without indication of such data and/or under indication of anonymizated data or an alias. The use in the context of the imprint or comparable data of the published contact contacts such as postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers as well as E-Mail addresses through third for the transmittal of not expressly requested information is not permitted. Legal steps against the senders of Spam Mails so mentioned with offences against this prohibition are expressly reserved.

3. Copyright:

The layout of the homepage, the used diagrams and pictures as well as the contributions are in copyright matters protected. Neither to the private use multiplied, changes may not made and pieces of duplication neither not spread the sides nor to public showed to be used. The individual contributions are likewise in copyright matters protected; further references over the author can be reread if necessary there.

The Domain owner is endeavored to provide for the correctness and topicality all on the Website contained information and data. An adhesion or a warranty for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the provided information and data is however impossible. In no case for damage, which results from the use of the called up information, an adhesion is transferred. The Domain owner reserves itself, without making announcement changes or additions of the made available information and data.

4: Legally binding effect:

One points out that with this means of communication requests or writs cannot be submitted legally effective. If your message should contain an appropriate writ, a repetition of the transmission on the post office way is absolutely necessary. Since it is not possible at present for administrativeinternal reasons, all requests, which are received by E-Mail, also on electronic way to answer, becomes the users of the E-Mail entrance asked to indicate apart from the E-Mail address also their postal address.

External one left:

The Domain owner is as a contents offerer after § 5 Abs. 1 of the law over the use of Tele services and/or § 5 of the medium service state contract responsible for "own contents", which it holds ready for use. Cross references ("left") are to be differentiated from these own contents on contents held ready by other offerers. By cross references the Domain offers owner "stranger of contents" for the use. The Domain owner sighted strange contents with the first linkage. With left it concerns however "living person" (dynamic) references; strange contents can have been therefore changed, without the Domain owner has of it knowledge. The Domain owner is not responsible for contents of these external InterNet sides and does not make themselves contents also own. Offences against valid right, custom or moral, which admit become, to have the immediate deletion from left, contributions, entries, diagrams etc. to the consequence. We would like to stress expressly that we do not have any influence on the organization and contents of the left sides.

Therefore we dissociate hereby expressly from all contents of all left sides on these homepage and do not make ourselves their contents not too own.