The Hotel / Bed & Breakfast at Dubkow Mill in Leipe, Spreewald

In times gone by the Mill used the Spree River’s water power to grind grain to flour or make oil from flax. Long ago is the time, of which the old Miller’ saying;

“As long as worlds,
as long humans
Millers will work by water,
steam and wind.”

But the mills disappeared with progressive technology providing more food in a new way. The mills changed into restaurants, hotels and popular tourist cafes. This was not always an easy task but nevertheless the old millers had rights.

This was also true during the 300-year-old Dubkow Mill’s life at the entrance to the Spreewald village of Leipe. Until 1919, the mill wheel rattled “in the rushing brook”. The seal of quality from the mill has shaped the area since the mid-18th century. It became more and more popular as a turning point where whole generations of the Konzack family dynasty have lived until today keeping a legend alive in the house in the Spreewald. Uncle August is said to have kept an enormous, six hundred weight bullfrog in the cellar of the mill.

In the late hours, the landlord released the frog from the cellar to help tipsy guests find their way, home. Fables have animated the mill’s business even today but every now and then they also a completely real background. The airlock at the Dubkow Mill has drop gates. The counterweights on the gate were called “frog” and were named as the Konzack’s fabulous creature.

Today nothing more remains of the mill building. But a large natural garden in a picturesque beige-brown framework construction is embedded in a Spreewald timber forest and lush pastures. Here the world is still relaxing and fine. Age-old oaks and lime trees - the latter comes from Sorbian "lipa", and is where the name Leipe - the "mill" comes from; surround several little houses, which peep out from the trees. Here, 22 single or double rooms and suites, equipped with showers and toilets, telephone and TV, invite you for a Spreewald holiday. Restaurant operator/barkeeper Konzack gladly greets the guests, as the house slogan says, “come and discover what nature has to offer”. However; cycling along the 250km “Cucumber Trail” brings tourists to many interesting sites in the Spreewald.

Enjoying the culinary recipes from the ancestors of the Konzacks either before or after a long day in the Spreewald enhances such an experience. The kitchen and cellars provide everything for hunger and thirst from the “only” remaining Spreewald hotel with its natural, honest and versatile products from free range animal husbandry and private cultivation.

It is difficult to pull away from such home-made specialties! Fish is as plentiful today as it was when Aunt Anna and Uncle August lived here with the bullfrog. Another legend is that of the enormous pike pulled the “punt boat” to the city in order to arrive before the boat!

These stories connect the Dubkow Mill in wonderful way to a beautiful experience and sense of fantasy in the idyllic garden (with 60 places) and with the old original baking oven, from which bread, cakes or a crispy roast piglet come, and naturally in the guest areas themselves - with antique furniture, old mill and family portraits, hunting trophies or in the historical hall restaurant (with 50 places), which earlier served as a mill area, with timbered floor and benches for groups which are recommended for family celebrations, dances and other informal meetings. How special even today that which promises an evening in the court of the “bullfrog” at the Dubkow Mill for example that made of tender turkey breast fillet! The frog has not been seen for a long time. But as the landlord suspects,he may return any day!